Can you imagine this couple owns a tiny house on wheels


While people leave their homes to travel, then there is this couple Christian Parsons and Alexis Stephens who’s traveling across the US in/with their home. They took their whole house along to travel. Their house Is just 130 sq ft and is recorded for the most traveled house in the world. They have a tiny house but dream-of-a-house.

This world’s most traveled tiny house has been to 37 states and 16 national parks in the US. This gorgeous house-on-wheels has wood furnishings, two lofts, a workspace and shoe rack too.

On a road trip to Lake Michigan, the couple discovered their love for travel. They decided to find many other alternative ways to explore their country, that’s how they came up with this tiny house movement idea. Of course, they had to plan every step.

To achieve their dream, the couple started building their home one wheels. Stephens quit her marketing job and they both went back to their filmmaking carrier. They wanted to travel and needed a tiny house for the same. They work around nine months to complete. Parsons was a freelancer so had all the time to work on this house along with his friends and families.

They spent about $15000 to build their house on wheels. Though, adding solar panels and flooring the cost increased to $20000. Their dream house did not cost much as they used only reclaimed and recycled materials. They even built their kitchen countertop using a wide variety of trees which fell in a tornado.

The best part about this tiny beautiful house on wheels is that it is very spacious and it has a shoe rack where almost 20 pair of shoes can be kept. The couple says that their cost of living changes from location to location and month to month.

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