Can you imagine this farmer developed a seedless Litchi


Many of us like the taste of litchi but we usually complain about their seeds and a farmer has found a solution to this problem. After 20 years of hard work he has developed a variety of litchi which does not contain any seed.Tibby Dixon lives in Sarina Beach, off Australia’s northern Queensland and he has developed this types of litchi by spending Rs 3.5 lakhs (5000 dollars). For this he used a litchi plant grow in China and Dixon developed many more varieties of lychee and he has been doing such experiments through cross-pollination for the past several decades.The new variety that Dixeon developed in Litchi is seedless and its taste is slightly different and he explains that this litchi also has a slight pineapple-like taste and Tibby Dixon is 40 years old. Dixon has created this variety through cross-pollination and the first litchi prepared was with very small seeds so he waited for this process many times and it came to fruition and eventually he got success and the seed size became smaller and finally the seedless litchi variety was prepared.He also says that, ‘In a few years more and more plants of this variety have to be prepared so that it can be sold in the market and the same time it is also to ensure that every plant of this variety has fruits of large size litchi and is also succulent.’

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