Can you imagine this Headless Chicken was alive for 18 months


Can any human being or animal be alive after being beheaded? Absolutely not but 72 years ago in US, something happened strange. Here a cock had been alive for nearly 18 months despite being beheaded. At that time people were surprised to see a chicken without a head.

The chicken was named ‘Miracle Mike’ and on 10th September 1945, farmer Lloyd Olsen, living in Fruita, Colarado along with his wife Clara, were raising chickens on their farms and they reaped many chickens and during this time Lloyd beheaded a five and a half month old cock named Mike but he was surprised when the hen was not dead but was running without head. After this they locked him in a box but when he woke up the next morning they saw that he was alive.The news of the headless chicken being alive slowly spread throughout Fruita and then many cities in America and they investigated that if any other beheaded chickens are alive without head but they did not find any of the hens like Mike and he was given water and food with syringes through his food pipe so that he could not die and after this one day Llyod did not cleaned the food pipe as forgot the syringe somewhere else so due to suffocation Mike died.

This beheaded information was spread so much that people specially to see him and Lloyd Olsen earned soo much from this that his economic condition was improved. Also, today ‘Headless Chicken Festival’ is celebrated everywhere in Fruita and it started in the year 1999 and this festival is attended by thousand of people with a variety of competitions and even a song-playing program.

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