Check Out Mind Blowing Facts About Elephant You Probably Don’t Know


Elephants are the most beautiful creature on earth. Their giant size helps them to survive on the wild. Here are some amazing facts about elephants which you probably don’t know will make you to love them more.

You will amaze to know that elephants are also like human-beings, they prefer one tusk over the other, just like humans either right or left handed.

Elements are the most sensitive animals and especially when it comes to their family. If a baby elephant complains about anything, then his whole family will run taking care of it. Just like human beings, elephants also express their emotions to each other.

Who said only humans can great each other? Elephants also greet and show affection by hugging each other. No they don’t stand and hug, but they hug by wrapping their trunks together.

Elephants are the one who have longest pregnancy. A female elephant remains pregnant for the long 22 months from conception to giving birth.

Despite of having long ears, they use their feet to listen. They can also listen to sub-sonic sound made by other elephants through vibrations in the ground.

Now you will be shocked to know that elephant’s trunk has over 40,000 muscles.

Elephants have a very slow pulse rate of 27 beats per minute, which is very less in compared to humans. Humans pulse rate is 80 per minute.

Because of their giant body structure and heavy weight, they adds to the only mammals that cannot jump.

Unlike other animals, they have poor digestion system. They produce about 250 pounds of a manure in a day and of course releases huge amount of methane gas (fart).

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