Check Out These Selfie Pictures That Are Damn Funny To Laugh On


Selfies are the new passion for everyone. From waking up early in the morning to going for sleep at night, we want selfie every time. And some people are so crazy that they will do anything for taking selfies. Apparently, some turned out clicking the most funny selfie. Just look at the pictures below and laugh out loud.

Fan bano to esa… Not me but her selfie saying this. She cared about nothing, no facial expression, or the place but selfie.

The ‘cat wali selfie‘. I wonder what this guy is trying to do, is he taking selfie of both or he just hold the cat so that she don’t disturb her. But the best thing is the face of cat.

This is called the world of social media. But I just appreciate the girl for giving all the singles out there to create an imaginary boyfriend.

Wow.. the cat must have super cool friends. Do you wanna fraandshipppp with her?

Uhh.. This is called the real selfie spoiler. The perfect selfie and the best spoiler.

More to this picture, comment on the picture made me laugh. Just read them they are seriously hilarious.

Ohh.. poor baby, just stucked in the game of selfie. Look at his face, he want punch on his mother’s face.

The old-school selfie game. But baby just go to your bedroom you can click your selfie there with this long phone.

People now don’t call him fat. He is the house of so many cats.

Do you wanna go on ride baby? He will take you there on his super cute little bicycle.

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