Check Out These Super Funny Tattoos That Will Stop You to Get Inked


Tattoos are like your life time companion that will stay on your body till death and that’s why people are very much conscious to get inked. We find some unique designs and inspiration ideas to get it inked so that we don’t regret on them. But some people have made crazy tattoo that make you to laugh on them. Here are some funny tattoos that will give you solid laugh:

This man loves octopus so much that he got it inked, but I wonder how could this octopus have only 4 legs.

Oh my god! I can’t stop laughing on this tattoo design. A man on ladder trying to cut pubic hair of underarms. Gosh this is creepy.

Oh my my…. look at the tattoo of this man. What a creativity, he made a pooping cow on his stomach who is about to poop.

This man definitely know, how bad joker he is and this tattoo is the proof of his insanity.

Who else want to open the zip of his brain. I surely want to do it so to know which part of his brain ordered him to make this tattoo.

If you can’t buy binoculars then just tattoo it and carry it along with you all the time. Ssshhhh… You can stare hot girls with it.

Oh wow… no one could match his creativity. Next time when go bald, try to make such unique tattoo on your head.

This man definitely going nowhere with this tattoo.

When you forget to take spoon, fork and knife for your lunch in office then why don’t you get it inked.

No comment for this epic tattoo. I just can’t laughing on it.

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