College Life And Friends For Life


College life is an amazing life if you have got crazy friends. Life of college is totally different than schools life. The attendance issue, homework, activities are actually important in schools but in college, there is nothing like that except only if you are in private college.

But the lifestyle of the college is totally different new friends, new schedule and new system. But as time passes you would know all these things very much.

Mostly we don’t appreciate or do abuse our college may be because of its study, teachers, gentry, system, etc. In my college, there is nothing except fountain and I took admission because of that first view. Don’t make this kind of mistake this is my personal suggestion for you all.

Anyway, but the only thing in college is friends, with them you can go on trips, bunk the classes make fun of your teachers and do  1-2 hour group study while playing games and talking about the nonsense things.

In college there are different kinds of person some are loving ones, some would like angry bird, happy ones, sad ones, smokers and drinkers, fighting ones, foolish person actually friend might be foolish too, etc. and out of these you will get to know and would be your best friend. And when your course will get to an end or you complete your degree then your friends have to leave you and that is the really hard time of your life again like it was done same in 12th and 10th class.

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