Concerned about Post-Holi colour stains, these home remedies will help you a lot


We all love to play Holi with different colours but when these colours stay in our branded and expensive clothes it spoils our mood and joy but don’t worry you can now play holi without any tension as you can rid of these stains easily from your clothes with help of these home remedies:

If there are colours on your clothes then you can also use toothpaste for it. It is a very easy solution to remove all types of stains and colors. For this, take a toothpaste without gel and apply it on the cloth where the color is there and now let it dry. After drying, clean the cloth with detergent and the stain will be gone.

Do you know that with the help of nail paint remover, stains and colors can be removed from clothes. This remedy is more effective for removing ink of the pen. For this, put a little nail paint remover in the cotton and rub it on the stained area. Now clean this cloth with surf and water and the stain will be gone.

Sandpaper can also be used to remove the stain on clothes. For this, rub the stained cloth with sand paper and then wash this cloth after this the cloth stain will be completely cleared.

Sour curd can also be used to remove the stain of a paan or holi colours and for this soak the stained cloth in sour curd and then after some time rub the stained area or cloth with light hands and then see if the stain has become lighter or not. After you see that the area is lighter then clean it with normal water.

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