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All of you would agree with me, there is not even a single second when our brain stops thinking. The state of no thoughts seems to be in thoughts only. It was found that the average person’s brain receives about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. And I must admit that majority of the conversation with my very own brain is as useless as the fork used for eating soup!!! I spend lot of my time in building up the scenarios that would never ever exist. That might sound dope but we all do build up scenes and scripts one or other time.

Very few of this World’s population has goot control on their conversation with their brains. Every single being has a different way of thinking and it is not a peice of cake for everyone to control what their brain
The conversation we have with ourselves can be amazing or terrific, wonderful or bizzare, beneficial or destructive. These conversations influence our state of mind and play an important role in how we feel
about ourselves. Of those thousands of thoughts that we think on a daily basis, 80% are negative, and 95% are exactly the same repetitive thoughts as the day before. Tim Fargo once said, “The most common reason for drowning in doubt is sinking into negative thinking.”
While thinking we dont really care about where we are proceeding to think. Is it wasting my time? Is it worth energy spending on? Does it really gonna help me? We never take a minute to ask these questions to ourselves and head on to the disasterous conclusions. Often in these cases, the conversations with our brain turn out to be fatal. We forget our tremendous power and sink down in a state which is not the place where
we really belong.

But does that mean we should not listen to our thoughts and inner voices and instincts?!
The answer is no. we should always listen. Really listen. But choose wisely what you listen to.
The inner voice saying, “You dont look pretty enough” needs to be replaced with “You look so lovely.” When your brain says, “You are not good enough” you should reply with, “I am so worth it.”
The conversations with our brain would turn out to be productive if we choose our thoughts like the lion in the wild, always hearing the important things, like the call of prey. We need to be precise about what we think. The way our brain works is indescribable but the way we can modify it has got a enormous potential. We can’t change the the things that are happening to us, but we can change the way we respond to them.
And always remember – loving yourself isn’t vanity, its sanity!!

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