Corruption and System Has Major Role In Our Life


Corruption and System

The system is weak because corruption is strong. Everyone is living for money not on money and it leads to the limitless desire of money and this makes system’s working slow and for the middle class and lower class people have to wait or have to be corrupted.

Almost every system is getting into corruption like education, medical, government sectors, private sectors etc. Discrimination among individuals on the basis of reference or money status is creating problems.

Donations for education, traffic police, reference of high post in getting a job, police cases are pending, delaying in the orders of courts, and many more are the real examples of corruption and we just blame the system. Actually, we are unintentionally are becoming part of the corruption and we usually don’t realize it.

Corruption is not just in terms of money, we can define corruption in the context of responsibility and accountability too. If someone is not taking responsibility towards their work, he/she try to put their work on others and try to blame their subordinates or others.

No one wants to work those who are hoping for help within a system, they give preference to money and try to give the best possible services to those. You have seen in the discrimination of marks of students, one from the middle class who have got 90% and one from high class but he has got 85% and in the end, the high class gets college seat because he gave money to the college.

Quality compromises in food, clothes, medicines are common. Everyone says we don’t have money to afford that quality, this is the biggest lie. Money is there but we don’t want to provide any kind of best services because it takes the money and you don’t want to give for helping others.

The selfishness is harming our system and if every system is going to corrupted so we will also have to pay.

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