Covid-19: Can your pets get infected from coronavirus, also take care of pets like this


Till now it was believed that the coronavirus is a disease spreading in humans, so animals are safe from it but the first such case has been reported in the US, in which a wild animal has been found infected with COVID-19. This is the first case of corona virus spreading from humans to animals. This tiger, named Nadia, was at the Bronx Zoo in New York City. According to reports, an employee of this zoo was found to be the Coronavirus positive.Later, 3 tigers of the zoo were tested for dry cough, so one of these tigers has been found to be corona positive. The symptoms of the disease started appearing in this tiger from 27 March itself. After this case, once again the news came up that whether the corona virus can spread from humans to animals and how much danger is this virus to the pets? WHO says that after touching, lifting pets, you should wash your hands thoroughly with soap as it can protect from many other types of bacteria and viruses.Corona virus (COVID-19) is an animal-transmitted disease. When the first case of the corona virus was revealed in Wuhan city of China, it was found that the virus was spread by animals. After this, only cases of this virus were spread in humans. If there is someone else taking care of the pet in the house, then this responsibility should be given to the person till the pet recovers. The sick person should neither play with animals, nor kiss, nor should he feed his dog. If a sick person is taking care of the pet of the house, then he/she should touch the animal only by washing his hands and put a mask on the mouth.

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