COVID-19 temperature checks may not be really authentic


Before entering a spot (shopping malls, shops, building, shooting sets, etc. ) the body temperature has to be checked and this has become a new norm apart from wearing masks, using sanitizer, or maintaining social distancing. Mostly all the stores, centres or housing societies consider this an essential guideline to avoid Coronavirus.The main motive behind temperature checks is finding out Covid-19 patients as if the body temperature is above 100.4 degrees F the person is not allowed to enter into the spot. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended that all offices check the temperature of their employees daily but the scientists say something different as this not actually contribute to the spread of coronavirus.All the experts and researchers say that there is no proof to show that temperature checks have helped in preventing the transmission of the virus. So temperature checks is of no use and do not provide any help to suspect coronavirus patients.

The idea of checking temperatures came from the year 2000’s epidemic SARS. It was reliable at that time because SARS was all about fever and the 83% infected people were suffering from fever.But the temperature check is not reliable in this pandemic as the people who are infected with SARS-CoV2 are having other symptoms other than fever and the people who are suffering from this virus are contagious even before they start showing any symptoms.

When you have flu, the most common symptom is fever apart from other illnesses. Thus the temperature check is important now more because of the monsoon season.

So we cannot differentiate between COVID-19 patients and fever or flu patients as fever is common during this season, that is why temperature checks do not take out infected people from crowded places.

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