Delhi Man Had Affair, Killed By Woman’s Fiance, Body Dumped: Cops


A case of the murder of a businessman came to light in Delhi. The businessman is accused of murdering his 29-year-old girlfriend Faisal’s fiancé Zuber. Police said the businessman had reservations about his girlfriend’s wedding.

Because of this, his girlfriend’s fiancée, 28-year-old Zuber, got upset. On this, Jubar allegedly beheaded 46-year-old businessman Neeraj Gupta. After this, a piece of his corpse, filled in a suitcase, reached the Nizamuddin station by cab. He then boarded the Rajdhani Express going to Goa. According to police, the accused Zubar threw the corpse from a moving train in Bharuch near Gujarat on the way.

According to the information, businessman and financier Neeraj Gupta lived in the Model Town area of ​​Delhi. Police have arrested all the three accused girlfriends Faizal, his mother 45-year-old Shaheen Naz and 28-year-old Zubar in the case. Police said that on 13 November, Neeraj Gupta visited Faizal’s rented room in northwest Delhi.

Apart from his girlfriend, his mother and fiance Zubar was also present here. Neeraj Gupta objected to Faizal’s marriage. They got disconcerted about this matter. At this Jubar first struck a brick in Gupta’s head. Then stabbed in the stomach three times. After this, the throat of Gupta was sanded.

Police said girlfriend Faizal and her mother also helped fiancé Zuber to locate the corpse. The entire matter came to light when the police were informed of Gupta’s disappearance at Kewal Park in Ardash Nagar. According to a senior police officer, Gupta’s wife told the police that she suspected Faizal.

The wife said that Faizal had a long association with her husband. Based on the complaint, the police had earlier registered a case of disappearance. During the questioning, Faizal kept making different statements first. Later in the police interrogation, she broke down and blamed the truth. Faizal said that she used to work in Karol Bagh near Gupta.

During this time, the two formed a love affair. The two were in an extramarital affair for about 10 years. After this, the family of Faisal decided on her marriage with Jubar. In such a situation, Neeraj Gupta did not want his girlfriend to be married to anyone. He was opposed to this. Police have recovered the knife and brick used in the murder. Police say she is trying to locate the corpse. The inspection of the matter is going on.

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