Deodorants can be used in other ways also


Deodrant is the most used product in the summer season as it helps to deal with underarm sweat, kills bad odor, and keeps us fresh all the time but do you know other than these we can use deodorant in many other ways? Yes we can, to know these ways read the following tips:Keeps your wardrobe fresh: If your wardrobe contains a weird smell then place a deodorant uncapped in a corner to eliminate the smell.

Behind the knees: During the workout, there is sweat behind our knees you can use a deodorant or spray to remove all the sweat.Relieves Razor Burns: If you have a razor burn then you can use a deodorant to soothe the irritation, also use a mild and chemical-free Deodorant.

Remove nail paint: If you don’t have a nail remover, then you can use deodorant and spray it twice on your nails and you are ready to paint your nails again.

A small perfume bottle can last for at least two months because the fragrance of the perfume is quite durable. Once applied, it can remain intact for at least 12 hours. It also depends on what type of perfume you are using.  Since perfumes are highly concentrated, they should never be applied directly on the skin. Perfume can always be applied to clothes or on hair.

Usually, the price of deodorant is much less than that of perfume.

If you sweat too much then deodorant should be your first choice. The antiperspirants present in the deodorant not only prevent sweat from coming out but also relieve you from the stickiness of the sweat.


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