Do not believe these beauty myths related to alcohol, will only harm the skin


Many people have heard that alcohol is good for the skin, many articles and research also claim that some types of alcohol are good and due to all these things many people start believing many myths related to alcohol and it shows the reverse effect at times. Today, we talk about beauty myths in the same way that common people believe.

  • According to doctors, even if it is good to some extent, it is alcohol. Drinking more certainly affects not only the skin but also the hair. Wine can also prove to be the worst drink for the skin. Red wine is considered good, but always keep in mind the quantity.

Red wine opens the blood cells and this causes a slight redness on the face or skin but a compound called histamine is also released from it. This again increases the redness in the skin, but it can also cause infection and at the same time it can cause a small rash on the skin, skin loosening can also occur if it is consumed regularly.

The sugar present in the wine is prone to acne and loose skin and can worsen as the blood cells become active. Eyes will also look redder, also, it is bad for the liver. Talking about the skin, many times the dead skin cells fill the pores.

Many of us have heard that white wine is beneficial for the skin, but let me tell you that it contains more sugar than red wine. In such a situation, understand that the dangerous problems associated with it may increase further due to high sugar, skin damage is more. So keep in mind before consuming it.

  • Washing hair with beer is beneficial but is it really so? Many people believe that after washing hair with beer curly and wavy hair tends to be slightly straightened, but the scalp quickly gets oily and gets slightly frizzy at the bottom. Doing this once or twice a week will not affect the daily hair washing.
  • This is the biggest myth that drinking and drinking hard drinks have no effect on the body and skin. Cocktails are very harmful to people who have wrinkles. Cocktails are harmful because they contain more sugar especially Cocktails like Mojito, they will cause wrinkles.
  • Dark circles, slight swelling, and dry skin can also occur due to alcohol. In such a situation, if you want to consume wine every day, even if it is a little wine, it can prove to be dangerous.


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