Do you know a half twin was attached to this person’s body


God has made every human being in the world the same except for the look and height. Despite this, some human beings are born in different. In the 19th century also one such person was born because this person had not two but three legs. On 18 May 1889, a child named Francesco Frank Lentini was born on the island of Sicily, Italy. This child was born exceptionally as he had three legs. Not only this, despite all this, but Francesco also lived for 77 years.Francesco was fifth among his 12 siblings when he was very young, his parents sent him to his uncle and aunt, where he was raised and from there, his career also started. It is said that in addition to Lentini’s three legs, he also had four legs and two genitals. His fourth leg was coming out from the knee of his third leg. However, that leg was not fully developed, it is said that Lentini was suffering from a type of disorder, in which half a twin child was attached to his body. That ‘half-child’ was associated with his spine.Frank Lentini spent his entire life with three legs, four legs, and two genitals. Frank did not try to remove his extra limbs but the doctors had clearly stated that if he removed his extra limbs, he could be paralyzed. When Frank was 12 years old, he met a man named Vincenzo Magnano, who was the owner of a circus at the time. He suggested Frank join the circus, frank liked Magento’s suggestion. Frank then joined the circus. In a few days, Frank became the first choice of the audience, despite having three legs. He used to kick the football with his third leg, which people liked very much.

Frank used his third leg as a stool and used to sit on it. Often people ask him the question, where does he buy a three-legged shoe for himself? Frank replies that he always buys two pairs of shoes and gives an extra shoe to his one-legged friend.

In the year 1907, Frank married a woman named Theresa Murray and the two separated in the year 1935, after which Frank married a woman named Helen Shupe and lived with the same woman until she died. Frank died at the age of 77 on 21 September 1966.

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