Do You Know The “Rubber Man of India” ?


Jaspreet Singh Kalra is also known as the Rubber Man of India. He is an Indian contortionist. He is surely a superhuman. He can rotate his head at 180°. He was also starred in OMG! Yeh Mera India series of History TV 18.

In a survey by The Strange List, Kalra ranked 5th-most flexible person in the world and 2nd most flexible man in the world. He is the first Indian and the youngest to enter this list.

Kalra was born and raised in Ludhiana, Punjab, India. He started yoga at age 12. At age 14 he was inspired by Daniel Browning Smith, an American contortionist, to begin the practice, initially by watching Smith’s YouTube videos. Within a year he became highly flexible. He is now the holder of four World records and four National records.

He has an extremely flexible body. He is capable of rotating his head 180° backwards and can dislocate both shoulders. He can rotate his torso 180° backward, rotate each hand more than 360°, and has advanced front and back bending range.


  • Boneless Man
  • Rubber Man
  • Most Flexible Man
  • Youngest Flexible Boy
  • Rubber Man in Miracles world Records
  • The Rubber Man in Universal Record Forum
  • National Level Yoga Player

Jasprit Singh Kalra wants to represent India at the International level. He is preparing to make a Guinness World Record and make India proud.

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