Do you know why giraffes have long neck, If not then let’s find out.


You will often see a giraffe, either in a zoo or in a national park. It is the tallest of all terrestrial animals. They are particularly known for their long necks, legs, and their special horns but do you know why their necks are long? Today we are going to tell you the answer to this question as well and some interesting facts related to giraffes, knowing that you will also be surprised.

According to scientists, their long neck and large heart (about 10 or 11 kg) developed over time due to some genetic changes. However, there are still some disputes regarding this, which scientists from all over the world are engaged in resolving.

Although giraffes are originally animals from Africa, now they are found in many countries around the world. You will be surprised to know that a giraffe is an animal that sleeps only half an hour in a day and that too only five minutes at a time.

The height of a male giraffe is about 18 feet. Their neck is only six feet to eight feet while the height of the feet is about six feet. That is, the average person living on earth is smaller than the feet of a giraffe.

Giraffe is an animal like camel, which drinks water only once in several days. This is because it is a grass-eating animal and because of that there is always moisture in its body. One more surprising thing is that a giraffe can walk more than a camel without drinking water.

A giraffe is an animal that starts walking within 30 minutes of being born and starts running in just 10 hours. At birth, their babies weigh about 100 kg. You might not know that giraffe-like humans have 32 teeth.

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