#1 When you Lose a Job


A Happy couple always Empathy is what sets them apart. For them, it is all about being each other’s emotional anchor.

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#2 Someone hits on your partner3

Even if you’re uncomfortable with someone flirting with your guy, if you’re in a happy relationship, the situation can make it stronger.

#3 Parents disapprove of the relationship5

Pairs with strong relationships tackle this kind of situation as a team. If his mom plays nasty, he’d apologize for her rude behavior.

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#4 No love for the bestie


If you can’t stand his best buddy, you’ll be honest but understanding.

#5 No time for love 8

In relationships where one person isn’t getting as much physical pleasure as they would appreciate, they’d explain their disappointment but still empathize with their partner.

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#6 One of you is a workaholic9

If you’re always at work in an attempt to climb the corporate ladder, your partner might be disappointed, but he’d understand.

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#7 One of you is sick10

A happy couple would talk the illness out and understand the difficulty it was placing on both.

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