Don’t Make Happiness Your Habit


Happiness is the most important thing for living life otherwise you won’t live for long. Most of us relate happiness with money, status, love, good food, etc. from which most are temporary and then from this happiness one is removed we become sad or it gives high impact on us that we direct go out of mind or in depression/tension.

Some of us are really positive but not happy and they usually try to find the missing happiness. And it is not important your happiness is the same for others. Everyone has their own happiness, some are happy with their love some are really happy with their money, etc. but when we become sad we react as that we have never lived happy life which is a really stupid thing.

Everybody wants to be happy just happy but they are actually making a habit to be in happiness and after a sudden change in their ongoing situation they feel like hell which is not the good practice. As human being, we should feel every emotion. For enjoying the happiness you must know about the sadness otherwise this happiness becomes normal for you. Variation is good being always in happiness is also harmful as much as being in sadness.

Happiness can come from both internally and externally, just try to accept the moment and possibilities. This is the actual way of being happy. Don’t try to forget your sadness and try to accept your mistakes and regrets that would be a more easy way to find happiness.



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