Facts about “Hindi” language that You Should Know.


Hindi is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. A lot is known about Sanskrit, but Hindi has always suffered from relative non-recognition as far as trivia is concerned.

We decided to shine some light on the official language of India. Here are some facts about the Hindi that you should know:

  • Words like ‘guru’, ‘jungle’, ‘karma’, ‘yoga’, ‘bungalow’, ‘cheetah’, ‘loot’, ‘thug’, and ‘avatar’ have been borrowed from Hindi. 
  • Hindi got its name from the Persian word “Hind” means “land of the Indus river.” 
  • The constituent assembly adopted Hindi as an official language of the Union on 14 September 1949, the day is known as “Hindi Day”.

  • Hindi is also spoken in Fiji, Mauritius, Suriname. Guyana, Trinidad, Tobago and Nepal.
  • In the year 1881, Bihar replaced Urdu with Hindi as a sole official state language and thus Bihar became the first state in the history to adopt Hindi as an official language.

  • Hindi became the official language of India in 1965.
  • Spoken by almost 500 Million people around the globe, Hindi is one of the most spoken languages of the world.

  • ‘Prem Sagar’ meaning ‘the ocean of love’ by Lallu Lal in 1805 which tells about the deeds of Lord Krishna is considered as the first book written in Hindi.
  • Hindi typewriters came into the markets in the 1930s.
  • Hindi script is phonetic, it is pronounced by the way as it is written. 
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