Few Quotes by Ruskin Bond in His Recent Book Hit You Right Back in Heart


If you are fan of Indian authors then you definitely familiar with the name of Ruskin Bond. The one who wrote the very famous book ‘The Beauty of All My Days’ in which he talked about his initial days of writings and his journey to becoming one of the best authors of the country. In this book he has written down many moments of his life that will make you feel like you are reading your own story. Here are some thoughtful quotes that will take you down the memory lane:“I was always walking. But I was never a fast walker. I walked slowly because I wanted to see things – treetops, rooftops, birds in flight, kite flying, cloud formations – starting with the sky above and ending with the green grass growing at my feet.”

“I sought solitude, but I did not seek loneliness. You can be lonely in a crowd, in a big city, if you have no friends. And you can live along in a cottage in the hills and be far from lonely because for a great part of the time you will busy keeping the old cottage from falling don’t.”

“I saw the docks, the pier, a throng of people seeking off their friends and relatives. There was no one to see me off, except for the land itself.”

“To be seduced by the sun – what could be more sensuous, more thrilling than the first contact with the earth’s life force. And then it was gone – gone as swiftly as an escaping thought – and I would have to follow it outside, to where the sunbeams advanced across the hillside.”

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