Follow these hacks to keep your wardrobe & clothes odour free


Even if we wash our clothes nicely they still smells. It is because of the trapped moisture, which leaves the smell for a long time. And if you fold such clothes and keep them in your wardrobe then you wardrobe also starts smelling like the way it smells on your clothes.

To wash and clean everything in your wardrobe is not at all easy. So there are hacks by which you can keep your clothes and wadrobe smell free, you just have to get few ingredients which are easily available at every house. Let’s see what all you will need:

Vinegar- You can get vinegar at every home as it is mostly used in food or preservations but it also kills the odour. So you can prepare a solution and spray it in the wardrobe.for 15 to 20 mins.  Remember do not spray it on your clothes as it may leave stains. For the solution you have to take a spray bottle fill it with equal amount of vinegar and water.

Scented wooden hangers- these hangers can help us in two ways. Firstly it can remove the musty smell from the clothes, secondly it will not damage your clothes like wire hangers. It gives an amazing fragrance to your clothes afterwards. It also keeps away moths from damaging your clothes. You can get these hangers easily in the market or you can make them at home.

Perfumed cotton balls- These balls not only removes the odour from the clothes but also helps you smell good all day long if someday you forget to wear your perfume. For this take a glass jar and few cotton balls, now add a little amount of your favourite perfume in it and cover the jar with breathable cotton fabric. Then place that jar in your wadrobe.

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