Follow these tips to choose the right footwear during monsoon


It’s that of the year when the air smells of mud, trees are green like ever, the breeze is cool and sometimes morning looks like evening. Monsoon is just like a gift after months of extreme heat. Though, some places are flooded with water where people can barely travel. Whereas sometimes the cold showers become a relief for people and they enjoy bathing in the rain.

One of the major concerns for those travel during the monsoon is footwear. If you don’t have the right footwear during the rains then it can give an invitation to many germs. Keeping your foot and footwear for a long time will get germs and can also get various skin diseases.

You should never wear leather shoes during the monsoon. They don’t allow your feet to breathe also make them susceptible to skin diseases. The best footwear for monsoon is flip flops, sandals rubber crocks or clogs. Always remember to give your feet air while selecting the right footwear.

Here are a few options for the right footwear during monsoon:

Flip flops- It is the best pair to wear in monsoon. It is light and easy and keep you away from spoiling your favorite shoes. It also prevents you from slipping during rains.

Ballerinas- The only disadvantage of wearing flip flops is that it can flick the mud and the dirt on your pants. Use a strappy ballerina from the back for a clean outing and no dirt or mud will be flicked on your outfit.

Say no to sports shoes- They can be a nest for bacterias so always avoid wearing sport shoes and wear rainy shoes like rubber clogs. They are best during rains and protect your feet and also avoid suffocation to your feet.

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