Follow these tips to experience a less painful wax


Women suffer a lot of pain in most beauty treatments done every month which can be hair plucking from eyebrows, removing blackheads, or waxing for such women there are some tricks to relive the pain during waxing.

Take a bath with warm water before waxing. This will open the pores of your skin and become soft, which will reduce the pain in the process of removing hair. Remember that even though you always like to bathe with cold water, bathe in warm water before waxing, because cold water will shrink your pores instead of opening them, which will cause more pain during waxing.

Exfoliate the skin before waxing to get the best results from your waxing session and relieve pain.  This will remove dead cells from the skin and exfoliate hair follicles, which will cause you very little pain during waxing.

To get rid of the short hair that has grown between your two waxing sessions, you may be start shaving, but we would advise you not to do so because this affects the natural growth cycle of the hair and this makes the process of waxing more painful.

The temperature of the wax must also be correct. Therefore, we would recommend that you get waxing done by a professional by going to Salon.

Pay attention to the dates of your periods before making an appointment for waxing. Avoid waxing when periods are near or moving because your body is very sensitive to pain at this time. After waxing a few days after your period ends, you will have less pain during waxing.




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