Follow these ways to enhance your everyday makeup look


In the world full of shimmers, wings and OTT blush, having minimal makeup can be a nightmare. But nobody said to go completely basic if you can’t wear daring makeup. You can always rock the makeup trends in your own minimalist way.

Sometimes people don’t like doing it all but also want to pull off new hot makeup trends. So you can have minimal ways to spice up your makeup with hottest beauty trends.

Here are few minimalist ways:

Swap your black liner with a coloured one-The black liner is love but a coloured liner is sassy and chic. It is a smart way to add colour to your look and make your makeup stand out without doing a much. Apply liner that matches your look or apply completely a contrasting colour and make a statement with your look.

Rock a glossy monochrome makeup-Monochrome makeup is safety played when it comes to try out new and hot looks. This subtle and stunning makeup look can never go out of the trend. You can change your normal monochrome makeup by adding a glossy finish to it. Apply gloss on your lips, eyelids and cheeks. It will give you a glamorous look without doing a much and making you look amazing.

Paint your lashes- If not anything then you can always play with your lashes. That doesn’t mean you have to put twice your regular mascara but you can apply a different shade of mascara like blue or red. You can keep rest of the makeup same with nude shade lipstick and a hint of blush. You will look effortlessly gorgeous and your lashes will be the talk of the town.

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