Funny & Surprising Perfect Timing Pictures Which Will Make You to Salute the Photographer


We try very hard to get our perfect click. From right angle to top angel and from pout to wink we know every posture and angel that will give us the best click of the day. But sometimes the magic that random picture creates cannot be beat by any intentional picture. So, here are some pictures that are taken randomly but will left you surprised you with their perfect timing.

It looks like these bats are trying to take their position before clicking picture. But seriously looking adorably cute.

Wow… what a shot, the cameraman must be waiting for long hours to take this perfect click. Seriously it left me spellbound.

Before you get confused with this picture, I must tell you that it’s a chicken who is ready to be cooked, but the picture looks like that it’s a face which is shouting.

It is an arial picture of Moscow’s Saint Besil Cathedral. Isn’t looking damn beautiful.

The another picture of perfect timing. For a while it made to wonder the body of this swimmer but after looking for a minute I realised it’s two swimmers.

Wow the backside of airplane look so awesome.

This how an ant see the mushroom. The photographer has clicked ever details of the mushroom.

Confused with picture? Okay let me tell you that it’s a photo of a man but taken down ways.

This is not a girl with two faces, it’s a picture of two girls but the way the photographer clicked the picture it looks like a girl has two faces.

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