Getting Type-Casted Isn’t In Your Hands Says Vishal Jethwa

We all remember him as Sunny from the film ‘Mardaani 2’ and his portrayal of that character definitely sent shivers down the spine. We are talking about Vishal Jethwa who has impressed everyone with his great acting skills. The actor will now be seen in a romantic song ‘Dhat’ which has been sung and composed by Arko Pravo Mukherjee.

Talking about the song, he said, “When I was approached by Arko Da, I had to not think twice to say ‘yes’ for this song and later when I came to know that it is a romantic song, I was super excited because people have seen me in a dark role and I wanted to try something new to show to the audience.”

He further added, “The concept of the song is very unique. It is something new which the audience has not seen before. To do it with Arko Da was a great opportunity for me because it will reach out to the masses. ”

After Mardaani, the actor was stereotyped for a negative role, talking about the same, he said, “Whenever I do any role, I try my best to justify my character. Post that, nothing is in my hands. To get a type cast for a role is not in your hands. You have to work hard and give your hundred percent.”

How does he prepare himself for different characters, talking about the same he said, “To prepare for each role depends on the character. There is no same process. It depends on what your director demands. During Mardaani 2, I did my workshops for two months.

This song was totally different. I had to be relaxed on the set and enjoy myself. It is a light romantic number and therefore for this role, the preparation was also very light. “


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