Give yourself time in quarantine period by following these tips


Quarantine is nowadays a major problem for some people in the country, that how to pass their time but it is not so difficult, so today we have brought some special tips for you, which you can follow by taking care of your beauty in this time so let’s talk about these tips.

  • You can detox your skin by mixing lemon and mint in a glass of cumin, you can drink this water during the day and also it can clean the face twice a day with this water. This is a good chance to dump the habit of drinking tea or coffee at home.
  • We all know that we are living in a toxic environment, so try to avoid the use of beauty products that are full of chemicals and instead you prefer natural and organic beauty products. Most natural cosmetics are in your kitchen, for example, you take fresh aloe vera gel, add a few drops of lemon and rose water, store it in a small glass bottle, keep it in the fridge and use it thrice daily.
  • Instead of unhealthy food items, you can have salads, smoothie and soup and consume fruits and green vegetables as much as possible. If you prefer to drink fruit juice, then eat fiber-rich fruits instead, but make sure that you wash them properly.
  • Apart from eating these fruits, you can apply them on your skin too. Crush all the fruits you are eating and put them in this jar, putting them on your face for 10 minutes and then wash off. Or you can apply the juice, make a mixture of oats / rice powder / red pulse powder /, make a good paste and apply on the face. This pack can also be applied on the face, neck, and hands. Use it properly before taking a bath and wash it while you are going to take a bath. Keep in mind that use only clean knives for cutting fruit.
  • Include sufficient amount of fiber in your diet, use multigrain and millet flour in cereals. Soak nuts, hot water, jasmine tea, green tea and coconut water. Green tea is an excellent antioxidant, it also works as a skin detox in the body to reduce water retention from your skin.
  • If you are struggling with the problem of under-eye bags, then you can do green tea therapy for the eyes. Once you are making your green tea, mix the tea bag and a little water in a bowl and keep it in the fridge and put it out over the eyes and eye bag area in a short interval.


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