Going out to salons will not be the same


Life will never be the same again until and unless we get a permanent solution for coronavirus. Post lockdown everything will be changed, whether we go out for our lunchs or dinners or to watch our favorite movies even to a salon for haircuts. Let’s see How Salons will be changed:

We are waiting to go out to salons from months and now when many salons are getting opened or will open soon then we will have to face changes and have to adapt to those changes.

Firstly we will have to take an appointment before going as we may not get allowed because of the limited seats. The seating will be a completely different now, we will be seated in alternate chairs just to maintain social distancing.

Before entering the salon there will be a sanitizer machine that will work pressing by our foot so that nobody gets to touch and get germs on the hands.

Then after getting inside they will have to sanitise their hands.

We will be provided with a mask and hand gloves.

Then we may not find our favorite staff who do our things always, as they all will be dressed in PPE suits.

After that, the staff will sanitise our seats in which we going to sot.

They will also sanitise their hands.

We will also be provided with sanitized covers before a haircut or something.

All the tools, towels will be taken care of with proper hygiene. And will be used after getting sanitised.


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