Google Task Mate: Google’s special app is coming, you will get a chance to earn by completing the task, learn important details


Google Task Mate App: Google can soon launch the Task Mate app for Indian users. Google has started testing its Task Mate App in India. For the information of people, let us know that the app is currently available on the Google Play Store for beta testing and is limited to select testers with referral codes. Let us give you information about what is this app, what will be the task and how will the payment be.

What is Google Task Mate? : This special app of Google will give users a chance to earn money by completing some easy tasks on the smartphone. This is an app in which many tasks have been given and by completing these users will be able to take payment in their local currency.

Tasks: The seating task has other tasks like record spoken sentences and transcribes sentences. Mapping details have to be improved along with taking photographs of the shop on the spot in the field task. A special thing will also be that if the user is not interested in any task, then he can also skip that task.

How to use: There are three steps to use the task mate app, as written in the app’s description, the first find task nearby, complete the task to start earning and cash out your earnings.

There are two types of tasks such as seating and field tasks. You will see on the Task Mate app how many tasks you have completed, how many are done correctly and how many are under review.

Google Task Mate: This will be paid in local currency

According to the app description on the Google Play Store, Task Mate will pay users in their local currency only after completing the task. To get your earnings, you have to link the account to the third party processor.

In order to cash out the earnings after completing the task, account details or e-wallet will have to be registered with the payment partner in the Google Task Mate App. After that go to your profile page and then tap on the cash-out option.


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