Gravitational force does not work in these places of the world, where the car can move without power


Our earth is full of all mysteries. About whom people know very little. Today we are going to tell you about some places in the world where gravity stops working. This mystery remains even today about these places. The most surprising thing is that all the places around these places are in normal condition. One of these places is St. Ignas Mystery Spot. Which is in Michigan city of America. This place is also called ‘Saint Ignas Mystery Spot’. This place was discovered in 1950 when a team of some people arrived to investigate the place. Then all their equipment stopped coming here.

After several days, it was found that the force of gravity does not work here in the area of ​​300 square feet. Explain that by standing at this place you will feel as if you are sitting in a spacecraft. After this let’s talk about Spook Hill. This place is also in Florida, USA. Here, if you stop and park your car, it automatically goes towards the slope or mountain. This is due to the gravitational force not working here. At the same time, the force of gravity does not work on the mystery spot in Santa Cruz California of America.

That is why this place is known as ‘Mystery Spot’. This place was discovered in the year 1939. Then the explorers felt as if some mysterious force is hidden in this place, but when it was investigated in-depth, it was found that the gravitational force does not work in a circular area of ​​150 square feet. That is why here water flows from the bottom to the top. Also, if a person wishes, he can stand here at any one angle without falling. With this also a similar place exists in India. Where the force of gravity stops working.

This place present in India is known as ‘Magnetic Hill’. This place is also like Spook Hill, Florida. Here also the vehicles go on a hill automatically without any support. Here cars automatically move towards the mountain at a speed of 20 km per hour. This mysterious place is known as the ‘Magnetic Hill’ of Ladakh. A similar place exists in South Dakota, USA, where the force of gravity ceases.

This place is known as Cosmos Mystery Spot. This place is completely different from the rest of the world. Bizarre types of trees are seen here, which are leaning in the same way in a strange way. Here only one leg can stand without falling. On coming to this place, you will feel as if your weight has completely reduced.

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