Hardik Pandya is recovering from injury, planning to return for New Zealand tour


All-rounder Hardik Pandya, who has been out of the Indian cricket team due to injury for some time, is now undergoing rehabilitation after his successful surgery. Hardik said that cricket is in his blood and he cannot keep himself away from it. He said that he now wants to be mentally fit to return to the field.

Hardik himself does not like being away from the team. However, he says that he still needs to be restrained. He also said that he was doing injustice to himself and the Indian team. Hardik said, “I was playing for a long time despite back pain. I was trying not to have surgery. For this tried everything I could, but not to avail. I was not able to give my 100% performance.

He said, I was not able to play with my full potential, as much as I could play and the reason was an injury. It also meant that I was not doing justice to myself and my team. Only then I decide to have surgery. He also added, “To be honest, I am feeling well now. Returning after surgery is not easy. Therefore, I am taking full precaution and I can return before the New Zealand series.

It may sound calm, but it’s not easy to come back. Yes, we all get inspiration, but you need to make sure that you don’t go on the wrong path. Do not question yourself. Why is this happening to you? I try to leave all these things behind and stay positive. Now I understand that the return is right for me and it makes me stronger.

He also said, “Physically I can come back, but it is important to be mentally healthy. Being honest, many things have happened in my life and I have become very strong mentally now.


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