You will be surprised to hear that this restaurant is serving free food for uploading your order picture on Instagram


You must have seen a restaurant where you get food for free when you give plastic, but have you ever heard of a restaurant that gets food for free after uploading photos on Instagram? Yes, there is one such restaurant in the city of Milan, Italy, named “This is not a Sushi Bar”.

This restaurant is a Japanese restaurant opened by two brothers named Mattio and Tommaso Pittarello. In this restaurant opened last year, “Upload photo on Instagram and eat. In this restaurant, you have to order a plate of food first to eat for free and then upload a picture of that meal and restaurant to Instagram with the hashtag “#Thisisnotasushibar”.

Based on how many followers you have on Instagram, the restaurant will give you the next dish for free. If you have posted a picture of food and restaurants on Instagram and you have between 1000 to 5000 followers, you will get a plate of sushi or sashimi for free.

If you have 500 followers to 10,000 followers on Instagram, you can eat two plates, 50 thousand followers, four plates and if you have one lakh followers, then you can eat eight plates for free.

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