Healthy food: Add these things in your diet To avoid bowel cancer


In today’s time, stomach problems are increasing due to consuming the wrong diet. Consuming junk food, more oily and fried roasted food in the diet causes problems in our stomach such as gas, constipation, acidity. The risk of intestinal cancer increases manifold. Consuming dairy products in the diet helps in keeping the intestines healthy. Apart from this, you can keep the risk of bowel cancer by including certain things in your diet.

Spinach – You can keep away the risk of bowel cancer by including spinach in your diet. Spinach contains a variety of antioxidants and medicinal properties. Spinach contains a significant amount of magnesium content, which helps reduce the chances of intestinal cancer in the stomach. Nutrients like nutrients are found. Apart from this, spinach contains plenty of iron, so that our body keeps away from anemia or anemia problem.

Curd – You can keep stomach problems away from the body by consuming curd in your diet. In the right, adequate amounts of vitamins — like C, protein, calcium and potassium — are found, which nourish our body and keep us away from diseases. Calories are found in very small amounts in the body. The intake of which keeps digestion healthy and reduces the risk of many stomach problems and intestinal cancer.

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