Here are a few ways which will keep your skin clean & dirt free on summers


In summers time all the skin related problems occur and oily skin top that lists as the weather brings about oil on the skin in no time. In the humid weather, the increase in the oil secretion on the face and the dirt and germs further gives rise to pimples. This season is known to be the worst for people with oily skin and they have to double up their skincare routine.

Keep Makeup at Bay- The most important step to keep your face oil-free is by avoiding the makeup. Layers of foundation and concealers usually cake-up your face in summers which looks extremely bad. Apply a light moisturizer and a lipstick, if you want your face to breath more freely. Scrubbing leads to excess oil on the face so it should also be avoided in summers. Scrub your face once a week and make sure you don’t have any blackheads in your T-zone. No whiteheads and blackheads help too in controlling the oil secretion.

Wash your face thrice a day- Use an oil clearing face wash and use it whenever you feel excess oil on your face. Do not rub it, gently apply the face wash all over your face. Avoid washing more than thrice a day. If you still feel sticky just wash it with cold water. Also, you can use wet wipes in cleaning your oily face.

Use a sunscreen- Always use a sunscreen with SPF 30 whenever go out. It usually helps in blocking the pores and also prevents excess oil secretion. Make sure you use a sunscreen which is meant for your skin type.


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