Here are some fictional characters who were not liked by the audience


Talking about movies or web shows some are good some are bad, some have a good story like while some have some annoying characters.

Here are few fictional characters whose purpose was just to annoy the hell out of other characters as well as the audience:

Arturo from Money Heist- His role in Money Heist was just like an elaichi in biryani, no role.

Prof. Sarai from Main Hoon Na– We all remember him and his spitting and not just his spitting but also his style of teaching which was really annoying. Apart from the characters in the movie we as a audience also hated him or any character like him.

Chatur from 3 Idiots- Indeed the best movie of that time. The storyline, the characters was all so amazing apart from the character Chatur he reminded of that school topper who used to hide notes, and makes us believe that he/she didn’t studied so that he could retain his position to be the topper of the class.

Frooti from Son Pari- The first time what actually taught us what actually annoying meant was Frooti’s never ending crying sessions and her often shocked expressions.

DeeDee from Dexter- Not only a younger sibling would find this DeeDee character annoying but also everyone because this character was a hyper-active, irritating and that elder sibling who never respect her younger brother’s privacy just like most elder siblings do.

Jar Jar Binks from The Star Wars series- All of his conversations and eagerness was just so annoying.

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