Hilarious Designs That You Want to Give A Salute To Their Brain


There are two types of design in the world, the one which makes you to stare them for long hours and another one are those which you solid laugh on them. Several times it happens when we walk down the street and go gaga over watching some insane structure or design. So here are some designs and architectural structure that will give you good laugh.

The T-shirt designer must be a very depressed man and that’s why don’t want to see people happy as well. So, don’t be happy and keep worrying about the things.

Thank god this architecture doesn’t designed dams otherwise water of rive and lakes went flowing without any damn to divert their flow.

Uhh.. It took couple of seconds for me to understand what is written on these road-side signals. I seriously want to know the logic behind this unique writing.

If the owner now complain to children for breaking the window then he is second stupid person because first stupid person is the designer who very smartly put basket below this window.

You don’t need any kind of funny filter on your picture because this mirror designer and made one for you.

Oh wow.. what a thought of designer it would be. I just want to meet that designer to know how this brilliant design came in his mind. Just look at picture.

Children might have just hated the brain that has designed this swing. But you can use this as a challenge prop to other people by asking them to have full swing.

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