How does it feel to get intimate for the first time? Well, that’s one question that we all have been asked once in our life. Getting intimate for the first time involves lots of emotions like love, fear, nervousness and excitement. It is a feeling that we can only experience once in life. That is why everyone plans it to be special. The mere thought of getting touched by your partner for the first time fills us with excitement and bit nervousness. But it also makes us little scared as we would go naked in front of our partner.

For girls, when thinking about having sex for the first time, worrying about pain is a perfectly normal concern to have. Many girls assume that losing virginities will be painful because what they learn about the hymen. If it tears, it’s supposed to hurt.

You might feel nervous and the beginning but once the process begins, both girls and boys seem to enjoy the act. The immense pleasure that you get, makes you forget all the pain and you feel on top of the world. You experience such a great pleasure that you want it again and again.

But sometimes, the first experience becomes a nightmare for some girls. Either it becomes so painful for them that can’t enjoy the act or their partner fails to satisfy them. Well, it is different for everyone just like it is different for these girls who revealed how they felt after getting intimate for the first time.

Watch their shocking and hilarious reactions in the video below:

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