How Professional Writers Writes their content. You Should Know About Writing.


What is Writing?

A process and a way to communicate thoughts and ideas in readable form. Writing skill become a need for everyone for creating and maintaining the documents, reports, movie scripts, articles and many more.

Many of us want to write books, novels, poetry etc. but when they start to think about it they hesitate because they don’t have a proper way of writing and thinking. Anyone can write but as a need of the audience, group or community we have to make our writing as effective as we are actually feeling about that. So, how can we write effectively with feelings to reach people out there?

Writing is not just a pen paper thing to write some letters or word to convey a message. We need to understand what readers want to know and what they want to learn. For example, readers want to know about “weather” then you should mention every perspective according to the weather.

In writing poetry, you must show the feelings with a high level of creativity, proper words, great convincing power, the proper sequence of feelings, and rhyming at the end. And if you set the same poetry with music may become a song which has amazing lyrics.

In novel or books, writing thoughts and explaining those thoughts for authors, is hard to do because they have to write their imagination and observation together with creativity. They have to think very deeply and observe that particular thing again and again till they write beautifully on that.

In movies, all dialogue writers have got some little humor, sarcasm, timing and many more creative things by which they write for actor’s and actresses’ dialogues and get more famous most of the time.

Writing is everything, a feeling, creativity, thinking, arranging words etc., if someone knows how to express and impress the reader, he or she can become a great writer.

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