How the colour of the plate tells us about our eating habits


There are times when we face such situations that we eat more than required and regret about it later. When it comes to having our favourite food, overeating is a common problem we all face. But do you know that colour of your plate helps in proportioning the size?

Well, yes and it is known as a plate trick, this method helps you eat with mind and also helps in keeping our food proportion at check. This trick involves cutlery, especially bowls, spoon and plates.

How does it work?

Let’s think about the colour red. What is the first thing comes in your mind after seeing a red colour? Things like stop, danger, red light etc only comes in the mind and it is natural as red colour is associated with “stop”.

Whenever you see the red colour your brain immediately flags you to “stop”.

Now what all you need to do is replace your regular cutlery with red plates. Use red plates whenever you eat junk or something which might lead you to overeating. So, when you eat from a red plate you’ll eat it with the mind as your brain will send you signals. This very simple trick can help you avoid overeating.

This trick was proven helpful by the journal “Appetite” which mentions how red coloured plate can be good when it comes to eating less. Some different tricks which will help you from overeating are water trick, hand trick, tight jeans trick and veggie trick.



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