How to use different types of Beauty Blenders


Beauty Blender or Makeup sponge is considered the most important tool in makeup vanity and with this we can apply makeup products very easily. It applies less makeup and it makes the look perfect on our face due to which our makeup looks natural but for this you have to choose the right sponge and the right shape accordingly.

It makes our makeup better and different shapes colour beauty blenders are available in the market and usually women brings a makeup sponge of any shape and colour from the market and starts using it but do you know every makeup sponge works differently, in such a situation if you buy a makeup sponge of the right shape then it gives you a great look.

Flat Shape Sponge- It is also known as Multi-Tasker sponge and this sponge has different shaped on three sides, where the round side can be used for basic makeup such as foundation or bronzer. The flat side is used for contouring and this flat sponge can do a variety of makeup.

Pear Shaped Sponge- With this type of sponge you an apply the makeup properly in the areas of your face where the makeup is not done properly with the normal makeup sponge. You can highlight the edges of your nose properly with this type of beauty blender.

Tear drop sponge- The classic teardrop or oval makeup sponge is most liked and preferred and it is also used by makeup professionals. With the help of this sponge, liquid, gel or cream products can be applied in the best way.

Triangle shape sponge- Girls like to use triangle sponge and it is also used by every makeup artist, also they are very economical but if you are a beginner then you may have trouble using it. It is best used for under-eye makeup just remember to wet it once before using it as it will give you a great look.


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