Human Habits are changed a lot due to coronavirus epidemic & some changes will also be followed in future


The sudden corona epidemic in the whole world has changed everything in a few days and human habits have also changed. People have now become cautious about incorporating good habits into their lifestyle, which may result in the coming years.The effect of corona infection is that people are now doing namaste instead of shaking hands or hugging each other. Even abroad have adopted Indian Namaste and in many countries are avoiding joining hands and doing Namaste.Due to coronavirus, employees of companies around the world are now working from home instead of the office. Because of this, there is no doubt that the culture of work from home will be fully emphasized in the coming time. Companies avoiding work from home are also looking to adopt this system in the future.Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, people had to face a lot of trouble to get daily goods due to lockdown because of this, people resorted to online shopping market. Apart from this, instead of going to the crowded market, people are now insisting on buying goods online.

Amidst the epidemic crisis, the world’s education institutions have become dependent on conducting online studies. The effect of this is that students too are now taking interest in online education instead of school, college. At the same time, people have considered digital payment as a convenient option for the future.


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