I Need To Say No


Is Saying no is really good for ourselves? Most of us want to help but some people take this helping nature for grant and make your time unproductive and unworthy.

Saying no for yourself is not going to be bad or hurting someone if he/ she understand you very well. I am not saying that don’t help others but if you don’t have time then why are you wasting on unproductive things which don’t matter too much.

Spending time with friends is a really good thing but your friends always asking for roaming, playing then it is not good if your work is pending.

Saying no is really for good reasons are not the hurting thing. There are many who actually use you at their needed time and then only give thanks and most of them actually don’t remember what you have done for them.

You need to say no for yourself and for your family. We actually can’t give time to our families and relationships because of the unnecessary “yes”. Helping one time is called help but if you are saying yes for their help again and again then you are making his/her habit to not work on their own which is not a good thing.

Set your priorities to work according to them and then if you have got the time then say for the help. If it is necessary and important for the person then surely do help him/her but not for the nonsense things.

There is a quote of M$ Reality “Don’t say “yes” to everyone… they will show their “no” when you actually want them, they don’t deserve your respect… don’t try to hold them”.

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