If you want to increase the life of your leather bags then follow these tricks


Mostly girls love leather bags and they love to spend a huge amount on Leather bags but taking good care of them for a long time matters. Having a good protection cream and separate pouches for your makeup and lotion, these are some habits that can extend the lifespan of your leather bag. Follow these special tips that can increase the lifespan of your leather bag.

Use of baby wipes, vinegar, etc. to remove stains is not right as most of such substances have chemical elements and can cause color deterioration, drying of leather, the formation of grease and many problems so do not use them if there is any stain on your leather bag.

Keep something in your bag so that its shape remains perfect like a scarf, sweater, or acid-free tissue paper or a handbag. After the time of rain or winter, keep the bag in the sunlight to make it dry and windy.

If there are ink stains, take the bag to a professional, but if this is not possible, use ink removal products, and follow the instructions. After this take care of the place and allow it to dry properly first then store it your wardrobe.

You should take care of your leather bag from day one, a good protection cream or treatment should be used once in 2 or 3 months. This does not cause blurring, grease and other problems.

Always keep your cosmetics in a pouch so that no kind of substance spreads. Also, keep the pen in that pouch only and if your hand cream is leaking, then keep your bag away from you to prevent grease stains. If you have any type of grease stain, remove it without water.

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