If you want your Eye Makeup to be perfect, then follow these hacks


Eye Makeup is always given special consideration whenever women do makeup. If your eye Makeup is perfect then the whole look will be perfect. Not only this, women do a lot of experimenting in eye Makeup to make their look different every time but if you do not know how to apply perfect makeup or if you are a beginner and your eye Makeup goes wrong while doing makeup, then surely it will spoil your mood. Actually, while doing eye Makeup it takes some time and if there is a slight mess in it, then the entire eye Makeup has to be done again. Not only that, but you also can’t even get the look you really want. So, today we are telling you about some great eye Makeup hacks, after knowing that you will not only find it easy to do eye makeup, but you will be able to create a perfect look every time-These days the winged liner look is being liked a lot and every woman wants to carry the winged liner look from causal outing to parties but if you are a beginner and cannot make a winged liner in one stroke, then it is better to make dots above your eyes first. It is quite easy to make a small dots on the lash line and you can mix them in the last and your winged liner looks ready. Normally women use mascara or fake eyelashes on eyelashes to make their eyes look beautiful but if you do not have it or you do not know how to apply fake eyelashes, do not worry. Just before using the eyelash curler, heat it slightly with the help of dryer. After that you curl it over your lashes, this will not only give you a great look, but it will also be long-lasting.

The mascara is applied after completing the eye makeup, but just think that your eye make-up is very beautiful and when the last time you start applying the mascara and it will also be on your eyelid. To avoid this problem, while applying mascara, place a spoon over your eyelid. This will also not spoil your mascara as well as other eye makeup and even if it spreads a little, it will still be on the spoon, not on your eyelid.

If you have to go out somewhere and can not find your eyeliner or it is over, then it is not necessary that you go to the market only. You can also apply your mascara as a liquid liner. Simply apply the mascara over the lashline with the help of your eyeliner brush and get a perfect eyeliner look.

No matter how carefully you make up, but sometimes there is a mistake while doing eye Makeup. In this case, it is very difficult to remove the entire eye Makeup. So always keep the cotton bud in your bag. Whenever there is a problem while doing eye Makeup, you dip the cotton bud in the makeup remover and apply at that place. This will remove the makeup of only that part and you will be able to fix it easily. That way, you won’t have to do the hard work to remove the entire eye Makeup again.

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