If your making face scrubs at home, then don’t mix these items


This lockdown has made us all very self-reliant but when it comes to making scrub at home for skincare, ingredients must be chosen very carefully for this, especially when you are making facial scrubs. If any ingredient is wrong, your skin can be damaged. This is the reason why we are telling you which are the ingredients that you should not use while making face scrubs at home.

Sugar crystals, whether they are brown sugar or white sugar, have very sharp edges. Using them in a facial scrub can be harsh and harmful to your facial skin. If it is used repeatedly, it can damage your skin. Some of the side effects of using sugar in homemade face scrub are Dryness, burning, redness, wounds, and stains on your skin.

Lemon is very acidic and mixing sugar and lemon and using it as a scrub is a problem for the skin itself. Lemon is a harsh ingredient that should never be applied directly on the skin. It steals the natural oil of the skin and makes it very sensitive, which can damage the skin very quickly from the rays of the sun. It is better not to use lemon face mask or scrub with lemon.

Often ground coffee is used for homemade scrubs but it can be used on your body, but not on the face. The reason for this is that its small, large, asymmetrical rash can damage the upper layer of your skin and can also cause pigmentation.

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