Include these spices in your diet for a healthy heart


Heart diseases are increasing in India, while the death rate due to heart diseases has also increased.  Doctors and Experts believe that cardiovascular diseases can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Junk food or fast food, stress, anxiety, and an unhealthy lifestyle can affect our overall health. Like an unhealthy lifestyle, diet is equally important.

Turmeric- It is very healthy due to which we can get many benefits to the body. It contains antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties that are helpful in treating different problems. It has also anti-oxidant curcumin reduces the oxidation of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body which keeps the heart-healthy.

Garlic- Just like garlic increases the taste of our food, it also helps to keep the heart-healthy. Garlic helps to reduce blood pressure. Garlic reduces bad cholesterol and lowers blood pressure.

Ginger- It also has anti-inflammatory properties that help to keep the arteries healthy. Ginger is helpful in keeping blood pressure normal and it reduces the risk of blood clotting. Ginger contains an active compound gingerol that helps to relax blood vessels, increase blood flow, and relieve body pain.

Black pepper: It not only protects against oxidative damage but also shows a hypolipidemic effect. Moreover, being rich in vanadium, it improves cardiac function, thereby helping in recovery from myocardial infarction.
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