Is Arjun Kapoor is going to marry Malaika Arora


Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor nowadays in being in discussion in the media for India’s most wanted. And besides this, he always is in the discussion for his personal life. On the screening of the film with the whole family, Malaika Arora has spotted. Now Arjun Kapoor gave the official tag of being in the relationship with Malaika Arora.

Arjun Kapoor given the interview in Film fare in which he said that I don’t want that people think that we are hiding our relationship from the people, we love the media, we got the support and respect that is why we have given this relationship an official tag. We feel comfortable in front of the media. The actor said that there was a time when people have spread disgusting rumors, they have done intentionally they have asked many bad things in bad ways, but now they are not doing that kind of things.

While talking about the paparazzi Arjun Kapoor said that “if you think that we are hiding something then stay at home and see there is nothing like that. see it in the natural and normal way. I don’t wasn’t that my neighborhood will get any problem.”

While talking about the marriage Arjun Kapoor said that I am not to do marriage now, I can understand about this rumor because in-home everyone asks me when you are going to marry. This is a common question in Indian homes. If you will be seen with someone for 3 days then people start asking that when you will do marriage, your age is passing, how much you will think? Most of the people get marriage till 33. But I have too much time. Why I would hide my marriage form you all.

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