Is it safe to eat Wax Coated fruits & vegetables


If you see wax-coated fruits and vegetables in the market then do not commit the mistake of buying it as such fruits and vegetables work to spoil our health. Extra wax-coated means a separate layer of wax on fruits and vegetables. Firstly, identify such fruits and vegetables and avoid the damage caused by them.

To keep the fruits safe, a layer of wax is mounted on them, there are three types of natural wax. The first one is Brazilian Carnauba Wax, also known as Wax of Queen. Apart from this, two types of waxes are prepared in the process of making honey, which is known as Bees Wax and Shellac Wax. However, if the shopkeeper has applied wax coating on the fruit, then the customer demands an explanation from the shopkeeper, also he/ she should explain why wax coating is done on fruits and vegetables.

Wax coating has been done for decades to protect vegetables and fruits from getting spoil and to keep them safe in the market. However, fruits and vegetables leave a layer of wax in a natural way to protect themselves.  By applying wax, the moisture in them remains intact. This coating is especially done on apples and other expensive fruits.

But nowadays, shopkeepers use chemical wax, which makes the fruits appear more shiny and fresh.
One can sell and eat fruits with wax coating done under the prescribed standards, but you should avoid this. Wash fruits and vegetables with hot water and eat them. Add baking soda and lemon juice to the water and soak the fruits and vegetables. After some time, rub them and wash them with clean water. If there is a natural wax on them, it is still advisable to clean them with hot water. Eating such fruits and vegetables causes many problems like indigestion, stomach bloating, liver effects, and stomach pain. Apart from this, waxes also increase the number of toxins in the body, which affects our other organs.

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